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Activity Diagram Symbols

For HR process models - adapted from Unified Modelling Language (UML) 2.1

sample activity diagram

start symbol Initial State or Start
All activities have a point where they start.
end symbol Final State or End
All activities have a point where they end.
activity symbol Action State or Activity
Each activity is described briefly.
decision symbol Decision
In a work flow there are points where there are a range of possible circumstances, thereafter the flow separates dependent on the circumstance.
flow symbol Control Flow
This shows the direction of a flow of work. E.g. in a job evaluation activity where HR communicate the grade to a department the direction of flow is from 'HR' to 'Department'
guard condition symbol Guard Condition
An important condition that must be true for the flow to proceed. Useful in labelling flows after a decision point.
synchronisation bar symbol Synchronisation Bar
Various activities come together or split from this point.
transition fork symbol Transition (Fork)
Represents that point at which an activity separates into two or more flows. E.g. In a job evaluation flow the point at which the grade is calculated might then split into 'Notify Grade' and 'Attach Grade to Post'
transition join symbol Transition (Join)
Represents that point at which sets of different activities come together. E.g. Paper application form, CV and online application flows might all come together at 'Applications Received'
note symbol Note
Sometimes a short piece of free text is required in a work flow.
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