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Systems Solutions

Modern technology image We provide that professional HR support that connects the needs of busy HR managers with willing technical analyst programmers and systems developers.

Our background and experience in HR means that we can work with HR service heads to compile systems specifications that describe service needs in a manner that can be provided to programmers and significantly reduce the time taken to design and implement working systems solutions.

We matrix manage information technology projects on behalf of HR directors allowing HR to play a lead role in developing its information systems solutions. Following the supervision of design and development of HR business solutions we then assist with user acceptance testing and implementation.

Where necessary we will also write Quick Start Guides for users to be able to use systems that we have delivered on your behalf.

What if you have lots of ideas that you need to draw together?

In such cases we can work with you to talk through ideas that you might have and areas where you wish to increase speed, reduce transaction times thereby reducing costs and freeing staff from repetitive manual processing. As we set out your solutions with you on paper we also give the optional extra of building prototypes for you so that you can envisage how new ways of working might work in practice. At the end of the process we will leave you with specifications and prototypes that you can use either with your in-house developers or to help you set out your expectations when you approach commercial HR systems providers.


  • Implementation of staff and manager self serivce
  • Workforce metrics and key performance indicators
  • Integration of workforce systems with other business systems
  • On-line appraisal systems
  • On-line job evaluation
  • On-line administration processes
  • On-line recruitment
  • Systems procurement
  • Specifications for bespoke solutions
  • Systems prototypes for modelling ways of working

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